Parisian sidewalk 1Paris is a destination that exceeds every dream with scenes to delight the eye and inspire the soul. Are all Parisians tableau artists?  It seems to be true from their ability to combine a little of this and a snippet of that to create visually stunning vignettes. Recently, a contest with a “Springtime in Paris” theme  inspired Cúpla Sister and me to recreate a sidewalk café and flower cart scene similar to what we recall from our long-ago trip to Paris. We made the French pastries for the “sidewalk cafe” and the paper flowers displayed in the cart. Our oak plank cabin in the woods is a bit more rustic than what one might find in Paris. Still, it turned out to be the perfect setting for a ladies’ afternoon celebration.

Parisian Sidewalk 2

French pastries

wine barrel serving table

Paper flowers 2

Recipes for the Layered Orange Sponge Cakes with Orange Liqueur Glaze and other pastries will be shared on future Sweet Saturday blogs. We will also share techniques for making paper flowers displayed in the flower cart.

flower cart filled with paper flowers

flower cart filled with paper flowers