Aunt Mary’s Chocolate Nut Pie

Aunt Mary's Chocolate Nut Pie

Aunt Mary’s Chocolate Nut Pie

The story goes that Aunt Mary refused to head for the delivery room until she had a piece of the chocolate nut pie she had made for a family reunion. One taste is enough to explain why going anywhere without a piece would be unthinkable.

When we were in junior high, Aunt Mary gave my sister and me a chocolate nut pie for our birthday. We felt like queens for a day. Years later, she gave us a hand-written copy of her recipe. It has become one of our treasures – in part because the baked result is fudgie perfection, but even more so because of the happy memories it conjures.

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  1. Patsy Ott-Pick says:

    Yummy….someone in family was just looking for that recipe. Glad you enjoy it….

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