international sweets and treats

Yesterday I was on the way to a supermarket to buy ingredients to make a rather time-consuming dessert when I made a u-turn of sorts.  TJ Max is within walking distance of the supermarket where I usually shop, so I often make a quick tour and did so yesterday. An inspiration came to me when I entered the sweets and treats aisle. Why not postpone the elaborate baking until a cooler day and enjoy an international tea tray?

A few items I would have liked to try were passed over because my goal was to represent as many countries as possible within the products available. I selected the following items:

Vanilla Fudge from Cornwall
Caramel Bourbon Stroopwaffles from Holland
Hazelnut Spumini Meringues from Italy
Chocolate Pear Tivoli Biscuits (cookies) from Denmark
Rosewater Turkish Delight Candies from Istanbul 
Ginger Peach Green Tea from Sri Lanka 
French Mandeleines from Paris

tea 4

International tea

My favorite items were the buttery cake-like French mandeleines and the Sri Lankan ginger peach tea, but it was fun to take at least a taste of each sweet treat. Using the English tea set elevated my tea to a happy little event.